We distinguish between the following 2 types of metal:


Thanks to modern machinery and a high circulation speed, Metaal Recycling Twente can offer guaranteed quality and be a highly flexible partner for trade as well as industry. Metaal Recycling Twente processes and trades in all customary ferro products. These raw materials are transported by truck or ship to national and international recycling companies. Metaal Recycling Twente would be delighted to work with you to explore how to dispose of your scrap iron as efficiently as possible. We would be happy to provide you with an insight into the value of your ferro products!


Metaal Recycling Twente accepts non-ferro products such as aluminium, stainless steel, lead, zinc, tin, copper and brass from traders/entrepreneurs or private individuals. We would like to point out that various copper products are only accepted with proof of identification. Below you can find a list of the various non-ferro products we accept: